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Laptop and PDA Security

The protection of important data is one of the major tasks with which all organization have to cope with nowadays. Data may frequently travel on the Internet, be transmitted onto a CD, sensitive information is carried about on a PDA or a laptop; in all manners which are part of the modern working environment of our present days. Regarding the security of the data storage devices the portable devices can be considered critical: it is difficult to provide a continuous protection against theft of or unauthorized access to these devices, so the prevention of any unauthorized data retrieval or decryption is of fundamental interest.

 McAfee Mobile Data Security

Check Point Pointsec product family 

The major features of the products are the strong access control and high level encryption. These ensure that only the authorized persons may get access to data stored on a PC, PDA or any portable device.

The system already identifies the computer and the user, as well as the user’s authorization on the given machine already during booting. The identification process can be performed by means of a password or the supported two-factor identification solutions. The latter one provides higher security: the user shall simultaneously be in the possession of both the ‘knowledge’ (username and password) and the tool (hardware) to boot the PC or laptop. Several solutions are offered for the implementation of the two-factor identification: the choice can be made from several types of Smartcard and USB-key technology based alternatives.

The major functions by the application of which the security of the stored data can be ensured:

  • high level access and booting protection, simple logon
  • high level data encryption
  • two-factor identification process
  • central management
  • security for PCs, PDAs and portable media

The data protection service is recommended for companies which attach importance to the protection of information and data stored on the devices.



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