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Centralized identity management (IDM), access management (AM), SSO systems

These days, in business life the supervision of the identities of the users and their access to corporate resources is becoming an increasingly important aspect. There are more and more buyers, employees, partners and suppliers who are authorized to access mission-critical information resources of an organization; at the same time, confidential data still have to be protected. The challenge is, how we can open an avenue for the company to exploiting the novel opportunities offered by the business, and how we can simultaneously guarantee the security of information tools.

In a heterogeneous and very complex environment - as are the systems used by most of the large corporations - we can tackle several problems in user management. In their everyday working routine, the employees use several IT systems simultaneously. These users need to be separately handled in the administration of every system (they must be added to the system, removed from there, user rights must be assigned to them, these rights must be changed, password resets, etc.). To implement this, the participants must cooperate in a concerted manner according to the rules of procedure, and they must be familiar with all the IT resources of the company. By the application of workflow processes that are mapped in full knowledge of the IT resources of the company and the entire scope of human resources administration processes, as well as by the application of the necessary approval processes, an IdM system is able to implement the necessary administrative processes in all the connected systems.

Lack of an IdM system described above usually means an administrative overload on the operating personnel and the human resources department, and it also means serious potential for error and security risks. One of the most significant errors that may occur in such situations concerns user rights assignment and maintenance, if the users have access to too many or even too few resources, perhaps on an authorization level that does not match their roles or positions. The other most significant source of danger is the cancellation of user rights at the right time and with the necessary level of completeness, for departing employees.

In addition to security considerations, the implementation of an IdM system also carries several procedural benefits, such as the uniform management of the employees according to position in the IT systems, or implementation of uniform password usage for the users, in a manner that is automated but can be controlled at any time.

The identity management solutions offered by us streamline and simplify the identity management of users in a wide scope of processing infrastructure and application environments. The expensive and manual handling of the entering, maintenance and deletion of identity data is no longer necessary: the availability of the data can be improved, while maintaining the strict security regime. In order to support compliance with the regulatory requirements, the identity management tools of Sun offer centralized control of user rights and full transparency, by the consistent enforcement of the principles of identity management.

Why Synergon?

Synergon has unique experiences in Hungary in this field, our staff have practical experiences by which they can efficiently support the development of the customer side processes as well.

We are able to implement our projects within one organization, from the initial surveys through design processes and development stages, all the way to commissioning and system support, which ensures the highest possible efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an IdM solution capable of meeting business needs? 

Yes, they should be implemented primarily starting from business needs, using IT tools.

Can it be integrated to interoperate with my individually developed applications? 

Yes, our staff have developed individual connectors in several cases.

Can it control the issue of mutually exclusive user rights? 

Yes, the so-called SoD (Segregation of Duties) function has been designed for this purpose.

Is it possible to delegate assignments for designated substitutes? 

Yes, we implement these functions, too, in order to match individual needs, with regard to any conflicting roles as well.

Can this solution help with exploring unused accounts? 

Yes, it is capable of running checks, one of the possible outcomes of which is the mapping of unused accounts.

Systems supporting one-point login

Owing to the high number of existing applications and requirements for legal compliance, the capabilities of the Active Identity Single Sign-On package may be the most beneficial for financial service providers, healthcare and governmental institutes, telecommunications and other organizations. This program package requires a one-time login for mainframe, client – server and web-based applications. By this suite organizations can provide secure access to their corporate resources without requiring the users to memorize separate passwords and authentication data for every single system and application. Reducing the risks and resource needs caused by the use of several application passwords, the customers can increase security, enhance user experience and reduce costs.

The modules of the product, which expand the scope of available authentication options, reduce security costs and provide efficient access and self-service functions to the companies. Functions:

–  using simple usernames and passwords, it provides secure login for individual users for the new web-based and existing applications. Thus in the future end users will not have to bother with the time-consuming, unsafe process of regular password change and update, a potential for several types of errors, and the application-dependent passwords can also be as powerful as required, since the system handles them individually;

  – it enables the creation of a flexible and unique system of rules, thus the users can retrieve their lost or forgotten computer passwords on a safe, self-service operating interface. This reduces help desk costs and typically, the human resource needs related to the restoration of passwords as well;

Why Synergon? 

In addition to a deep professional knowledge of the system providing one-point login, the professionals of Synergon have significant project experiences concerning the systems to be connected as well, thus they can fulfill all integration tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does it not reduce security that we only use one ID? 

No, because this reduces the possibility of the passwords being forgotten, written down or developed too easily. In addition, security level can also be increased by the uniform management of the house rules on passwords.

How are files or information requiring enhanced protection managed? 

The system is also capable of exception handling, in these cases repeated entry of the passwords or the entry of additional passwords can still be required.

What happens if my workstation goes into off-line mode? 

The system can also handle that case, by the application of a specially protected client side storage area.


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