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Cisco Security Solutions

Cisco Security Solutions

The Cisco security products also represented by Synergon provide a complete, integrated solution to an enterprise's network security issues and requirements. These products can be classified into the following three main solution groups:

  • boundary protection firewall systems
  • VPN virtual private network systems
  • intrusion detection (IDS) systems

Today the use of the firewall, boundary protection systems is already a basic requirement for a secure Internet connection of an enterprise or for the implementation of its presence on the Internet. Moreover, the application of firewalls is expedient not only for the development of the publicly accessible, so-called demilitarized or internal boundary protection zones but also for the further segmentation of the enterprise's network, that is the development of further boundary protection zones, e.g. for the implementation of the B2B communication between the partner enterprises.

Moving on a wide scale, Cisco’s firewall products meet the requirements from the more simple small enterprise solution as well as the large enterprise, high availability, so-called HA solutions.

The VPN virtual private network systems offer a secure and cost effective method for the implementation of the so-called Intranet communication between the different sites of the enterprise, the so-called Extranet communication between the partner enterprises or the remote and mobile access, the so-called home-working and mobile-working. It is generally used to increase the security of communication on the Internet or wireless WLAN networks which are subject to a higher level of threat. VPN systems apply the IPsec Internet security standards, which satisfy the requirements of confidentiality, integrity and accountability – among other things – by means of verifying the DES, 3DES or AES traffic encrypting and the origin of the package.

The detection of internal or external attacks against the information technology systems, the initiation of countermeasures – preferably – in due time are of basic importance to avoid or decrease damages – if it cannot be avoided any more. The intrusion detection (IDS) systems is capable of recognizing the known intrusion patterns and initiating possible countermeasures – e.g. the interruption of the communication channel, the exclusion of the user – at several points of the information technology system, at the critical network segments and the critical application servers, as well as reporting the event towards the central management station.

NAC - Network Admission Control

The so-called Network Admission Control technology has become a more well-spread protection mechanism. This solution is devoted to prevent hosts which are not in conformity with the enterprise’s expectations from security aspects from connecting into the system. The typical objective is the exclusion of machines which have security inadequacies, such as an out-of-date virus definition, lack of Windows patches or negligence of using a firewall from our network. Should the connection of these machines be enabled the security of the other, properly operating machines would be threatened. Cisco is the most popular among the NAC solutions listed on the market, and it has the most significant history in comparison to its rivals.


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