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Virus Protection Tools

Viruses, worms and other malicious programs are one of the most frequent threats of present time. The mere installation of an anti-virus program is not sufficient for the protection against viruses, its continuous and reliable operation as well as the regular update of the virus information should also be provided for. That is why the protection can only be efficient in an enterprise environment by means of the application of a central management system, where users cannot interfere with the operation of the anti-virus system and the virus information is updated automatically.

Trend Micro based anti-virus solutions 


The name of Trend Micro Company is well-known mainly due to its quality anti-virus products, which embrace the entire enterprise level anti-virus portfolio. The overview of the most important products follows in accordance with the different functions.

Due to the Trend Micro licence policy and the network environment optimized technology of the products, the company’s software products provide the ideal solution mainly to the protection of larger enterprise level systems. For the implementation of the complex protection, the application of all the components is justified if a large organization is to be protected.

The package components:

  • Trend Micro ServerProtect: The Trend Micro ServerProtect offers a reliable anti-virus solution for servers with a Windows NT/2000/2003 or Novell NetWare operation system.

  • Trend Micro OfficeScan: The OfficeScan Corporate Edition version of Trend Micro is a complete large enterprise desktop antivirus solution. It is easily installable from the server side, automatically updates the virus databases and the software itself, and prepares its reports centrally.

  • Trend Micro ScanMail: The vast majority of viruses spread through e-mails.
    Trend Micro, in close cooperation with the mailing server, offers a solution for the users of Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange or OpenMail.

  • Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security Suite: 
    The InterScan Messaging Security Suite performs virus filtering on SMTP and POP3 protocols, and so it blocks the harmful codes coming through the Internet at the boundary of the network. The administrator can set up a separate system of rules regarding outbound and inbound mail, and by means of this, the company’s mailing principles can be standardized in a simple and efficient manner. It is capable of the content based filtering of mails, so blocking the non-business type letters, hoaxes and chain letters can be implemented for the purpose of increasing employee’s productivity.

  • Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall: a gateway level solution providing protection against the threats arriving through the Internet, which is currently the most active virus source. It provides for keeping away harmful codes, detects and extracts viruses hidden in files transferred by means of an FTP protocol; filters and removes the viruses from the files attached to e-mails, and is also suitable for filtering the http traffic.


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