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Firewalls, the basic but not at all exclusive products to make networks having an external (Internet) connection secure, are software tools operating on dedicated hardware, implementing the control of communication between different networks.  In addition to communication control, firewalls also provide other services, such as encryption, the development of virtual private networks (VPN, Virtual Private Network), user identification and support for content filtering or band width control.

Firewall products within Synergon’s portfolio:

Check Point FireWall

Check Point Software Technologies is the leading manufacturer of IT security solutions worldwide. It constantly plays a leading role both on the VPN and the firewall markets. The enterprise networks and the applications running on those, the access for remote employees, subsidiaries as well as the partner extranet resources and the business communication managed among them can be made secure through their wide product range.

The Check Point solutions are sold, integrated and served on the 1 900 person network of Check Point partners in 86 countries.

The Check Point FireWall-1, the market leading firewall in the world protects millions of machines and users against the dangers coming through the network worldwide.

The Check Point FireWall-1 Stateful Packet filter combines the rate of packet filters with the intelligence of proxies (FTP, SMTP, HTTP, telnet) and creates a swift, highly secure and ample repository of firewall services for the users. By means of its open architecture, it is capable of interoperating with products of several hundreds of other manufacturers (e.g.: routers, switches, virus killers, intrusion detection and content filtering tools). The system is suitable for the development of a high availability, load distributed environment.

Check Point’s firewall products can provide the proper choice for companies where the secure interconnection of sites and the reception of remote colleagues through VPN links shall be ensured, and where the central security management (user accesses, central management of firewalls, central logging and reporting) is a requirement. The system supports several platforms.

Zorp Firewall Professional 

BalaBit is a highly recognized player of the Hungarian network protection market. The Zorp technology represented by them treats the issue of network protection with a genuine approach.

The technology supplements the duality of package filtering and protocol analyses with a detailed data analyses. It is capable of interpreting, analysing and modifying the entire dataflow in the event of the 16 most frequently used protocols by means of a special procedure.

Each proxy of the system constitutes one inter-connectable module for the firewall so the technology is suitable for handling embedded protocols (e.g. HTTPS, POP3S) and provides security for the more and more popular e-business applications, too.

Several sensitive points of the Hungarian government’s information technology system are protected by a Zorp firewall at present. BalaBit can proudly list several banks, companies dealing with electronic media, doing business in the energy sector, several national museums and national large enterprises among its customers.

A Zorp firewall could be the proper choice for companies whose security expectations are not satisfied by the security options provided by the package filtering firewalls, but the inspection and filtering of the passing traffic is also a requirement. Due to its modular structure, the Zorp firewall is capable of serving both the small company networks and the large enterprise systems managing large data traffic.


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