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Content Filtering

By now the diverse content filtering solutions have become an important supplement to the classic virus protection solutions, not only improving the efficiency of the internal information technology systems but increasing the security level of the business procedures as well.

Three levels can be differentiated in relation to content filtering:

  1. Content filtering of the Internet
  2. Content filtering of mails
  3. Content filtering of files stored on file in relation to servers

Websense Enterprise implemented content filtering of the Internet

Websense EnterpriseR is a multifunction Internet filtering solution for managing the Internet usage accessible from the computers on the internal network and network applications.

Websense Enterprise offers the following benefits:

  • Regulating employees’ Internet access
  • Blocking spy programs, infectious transportable codes and unwanted sites
  • Preventing the operation of file exchange (P2P) applications
  • Disabling the use of Instant Messaging software versions (e.g.: Messenger, ICQ) and/or blocking their attachments.
  • Decreasing the used bandwidth
  • Preventing hacking by employees
  • Increasing the level of protection against threats
  • The prize winner Websense Enterprise is leading in Internet content filtering and provides a high degree of flexibility with its rich functionality.
  • Comprehensive and reliable Internet filtering on the basis of URL databases, the usage of automatic and manual classification opportunities.
  • Weighting work related and private Web accesses: opportunity for configuring a system policy customised by system administrators for managing the Internet usage and the network applications.
  • The administrative processes are performed on easily usable graphic interfaces.

The use of an optional management interface for non-English speaking users: the names of report templates, site blocking and web site categories in 9 additive languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugal and Spanish).

ISS Proventia Webfilter

The ISS Proventia Webfilter is capable of filtering the most sites with unwanted content by means of its filtering system, the efficiency of which is better than that of the other web filters on the market. As a result of the strong and precise filtering, productivity can be increased and the required Internet usage regulation can be applied more effectively. Even more unwanted sites can be filtered out by means of the Filter database, which is three times larger than the ones used by the greatest rival, comprising of more than 20 million categorized web sites. The Proventia Webfilter is always one step ahead of the unwanted contents since more than one hundred thousand new and updated web sites are incorporated into its database.

Precisely identified web content

By means of the applied advanced technology text and graphics analysis as well as its URL and image databases which are the largest in the world, the Proventia Webfilter is capable of quick and precise identification of web site contents thus ensuring the implementation of the required protection level.

Customized access rights

The Internet usage regulation can easily be customized by means of the Proventia Webfilter. The flexibility and easy usage mean that the access rules can be defined for user, time frame, content type and also in accordance with the resulting procedure. One group of the optionally applicable performance restrictions and the time restriction measures can supplement the regulation.

The following capabilities are available for filtering the unwanted web content and the development of the Internet usage regulation:

  • the largest URL database in the world
  • the largest image database in the world, comprising several billion images
  • advanced technology text and graphics analyses
  • file type restriction
  • real time monitoring
  • daily updates
  • easy customisation
  • easy integration into the currently existing network systems.



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