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IT Security

Centralized identity management (IDM), access management (AM), SSO systems

These days, in business life the supervision of the identities of the users and their access to corporate resources is becoming an increasingly important aspect. There are more and more buyers, employees, partners and suppliers who are authorized to access mission-critical information resources of an organization; at the same time, confidential data still have to be protected. The challenge is, how we can open an avenue for the company to exploiting the novel opportunities offered by the business, and how we can simultaneously guarantee the security of information tools.


Firewalls, the basic but not at all exclusive products to make networks having an external (Internet) connection secure, are software tools operating on dedicated hardware, implementing the control of communication between different networks.  In addition to communication control, firewalls also provide other services, such as encryption, the development of virtual private networks (VPN, Virtual Private Network), user identification and support for content filtering or band width control.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention

While firewalls can be regarded as passive tools of protection, the so-called IDS, Intrusion Detection System or IPS, Intrusion Prevention System provides an active protection. One system type connected to a given network analyses the traffic passing through the network in real time, searching for known attack patterns.

Cisco Security Solutions

The Cisco security products also represented by Synergon provide a complete, integrated solution to an enterprise's network security issues and requirements. These products can be classified into the following three main solution groups: boundary protection firewall systems, VPN virtual private network systems, intrusion detection (IDS) systems.

Security Event and Incident Management Systems, Log Collection, Analysis

Handling information technology security incidents is a process which enables enterprises to explore the attacks inflicted on their computer systems and provides support to eliminate these attacks in an organised manner as efficiently as possible. The objective of incident handling is to provide a solution to the developed situations in due time thus minimizing their effect exercised on business.

Safety Management Tools

‘The simply created security event management’ - The time requirement of event analysis can be minimized, the events can be segregated and the priority of security threads can be set by means of the automated event handling (grouping, analysing and management).

Protection against Data Leakage (DLP)

Are you losing sensitive data without even knowing it? Data loss prevention is critical to protect customer data and intellectual property from the growing volume of threats—whether it’s data-stealing malware, hackers, accidental loss, or malicious insider leaks. One slip can cost millions in lost business, fines, and litigation. A powerful data loss prevention (DLP) solution provides the broadest protection for any endpoint—whether online or offline. Plus, it reduces cost and complexity with high performance, fast deployment, and your choice of form factors. Automated tools make it easy to identify, track, and secure data at rest, in use, and in motion. 

Laptop and PDA Security

The protection of important data is one of the major tasks with which all organization have to cope with nowadays. Data may frequently travel on the Internet, be transmitted onto a CD, sensitive information is carried about on a PDA or a laptop; in all manners which are part of the modern working environment of our present days.

Authentication Systems

One keystone of access protection is authentication; which is the unambiguous and authentic identification of the user. The most widespread solution to this is the application of the username-password combination, which however, has several attackable features (it can be passed on, guessed, eavesdropped, etc.). A different, so-called “strong authentication system”, which in addition to the password also requires a physical device to identify the user in an authentic manner, has been developed to eliminate these inadequacies.

SPAM Filtering

The quantity of the uncalled for electronic mails is increasing drastically day by day causing serious problems for a large organizations. The application of Anti-Spam solutions, preferably still at the gateway level, has become inevitable with each modern complex information technology security system.

Content Filtering

By now the diverse content filtering solutions have become an important supplement to the classic virus protection solutions, not only improving the efficiency of the internal information technology systems but increasing the security level of the business procedures as well.

Complex PKI Systems

The defining architecture of encryption, digital authentication and identification is the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).  Its central components are the CA (Certificate Authority) and the systems implementing the related tasks (directory service, certificate issuance and withdrawal, etc).

Virus Protection Tools

Viruses, worms and other malicious programs are one of the most frequent threats of present time. The mere installation of an anti-virus program is not sufficient for the protection against viruses, its continuous and reliable operation as well as the regular update of the virus information should also be provided for.

IT Security Consultancy

Information is the most valuable resource and capital of organizations in our knowledge-based economy. Information has to be protected and insured in the same way to our physical, financial values. Similarly, to insuring traditional values, the IT security related expenses may seem to be redundant costs, as long as there is no trouble. Afterwards, we will only regret how much less expensive prevention and security measures would have been.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical security testing is performed by our experts in coordination with the customer and in accordance with the customer’s requirements in each event. Its objective is to explore the security loop holes and inadequacies in the customer’s system.


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