Synergon System Integrator
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System Support Services

Support services assist and complement the work of IT system operators. These help to guarantee high quality system operation which is capable of fully satisfying the needs of a particular company or organization. Support services include SLA based reactive and proactive activities aimed to increase availability, as well as overall audits and consulting activities defining medium and long-term operations.

The professional knowledge and experience of SRI Kft. in development and new system implementation projects can further be utilized in technology support of operating organizations. We have the experience and the skills on virtually all professional levels within the organization, which in addition to experienced professionals include the ITIL based 24 hours call center service and the 7x24 stand-by system covering engineering competences as well. Due to the wide range of professional knowledge of the SRI professionals covering practically all areas of IT infrastructure, we are able to provide high quality and efficient support of complex IT systems.

Major service features:

  • Single point of contact solution, even for complex systems.

  • Defined and well-operating supporting processes 

  • SLA-based operation

  • Crisis management 

  • 7x24 coverage

  • proactive and reactive services

  • consulting activity

  • Supported systems:

  • Network infrastructure

  • IT security

  • Hardware tools: servers, storage systems

  • Basic infrastructure machine room, passive network elements, uninterrupted power supply and power current systems.


Synergon System Integrator has practice and experiences of over a decade in the field of support to IT systems. We have set as an objective the constant improvement of customer satisfaction. Therefore we can be proud to say that we have a highly qualified and experienced staff capable of meeting the professional challenges, and efficient processes fulfilling the needs of the customer by efficient processes.  SRI considers the expectations of the customers as the most important aspect in each case, therefore it develops its services in a flexible way, in full compliance with these needs.  


What does 7x24 mean?

7x24 indicates service coverage, which in this case means that we provide coverage on every day of the week, from 0 hours to 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Does support substitute the warranty of the manufacturer?

The service provided by us is much more than repair related to a device.  Owing to the complex nature of IT services, we would rather talk about systems than tools.  In the services recommended by us we commit to support systems. 

Is system support the same as system operation?

No.  System support does not deal with operating tasks falling into the category of daily routine, such as administration, management of small impact changes, etc., rather, it can provide assistance with the establishment of processes and rules related to such activities. 

The purpose of system support is to ensure the appropriate level of availability through proactive and reactive activities and support the work of operating personnel.   

What does SLA mean?

SLA (service level agreement) defines, separately for each system, what activities need to be performed in the case of an incident or change, depending on its severity / priority, with what time coverage, and within what time. For example, if the entire mailing system halts, which is a priority 1 fault, contact must be established with the customer within half an hour, fault clearance must be started within 2 hours and the operation of mailing must be guaranteed within 6 hours, and all that with 7x24 coverage.      




You can acquire more information about our solutions by contacting us.