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Control Services

These days companies in the business sphere focus on enhancing their competitiveness as a first priority. In order to accomplish this objective, we need to ensure the continuity of business, enhance the safety and the protection of the data, while reducing the costs of related service support.  In order to create an opportunity to fulfill these seemingly conflicting expectations (i.e. sustainability of constant and safe business operations, while reducing costs), it is important that the operations of the given company be supported by an appropriate control system and professional background, as this is an essential element of proactive interventions.

The professionals of Synergon Rendszerintegrátor (SRI) apply network supervision services - matching the specific needs of the given company - based on pre-configured event assessment, for immediate intervention and troubleshooting.  By this approach we can reduce unplanned server outages undesired intrusions and outage of business applications to a minimum level.

Thanks to our internal processes customized according to the needs of the customer, the likelihood of system outages can be predicted and interventions can be initiated. This practice keeps the costs at their current level on the one hand, on the other hand, it further increases the sustainability of the continuity of business, which is extremely important, since the business losses caused by the outage of an application or the costs of the unplanned replacement of a device (owing to breakdown) are substantially higher than costs of proactive monitoring and the resultant preventive maintenance.


  • Monitoring at operating system level

  • Service level monitoring (DNS, DHCP, etc)

  • Network traffic monitoring

  • Monitoring of certain service elements of database

  • Monitoring of hardware components

  • Creation of trend reports from the results of monitoring, application of proactive problem solving and capacity management.

  • Application of threshold values, based on which certain events become predictable and preventable

  • EVENT Management


  • We have a professional staff with experiences of several years in service management, in order to provide services to a maximum extent to your systems

  • An operating model developed on ITIL bases, regulated processes, in order to reach and possibly exceed the appropriate SLA levels

  • Continuous monitoring (server, application, network, etc.) to detect any error promptly and take the appropriate action. 

  • Design and implementation of constant service renewal projects, according to the “how could we improve even more” motto

  • Your costs become plannable, thanks to the processes and monitoring activities of Synergon Rendszerintegrátor Kft., the number of unexpected situations drops to minimum level.

  • Application of quality assurance processes in both operations and the development of processes.


What kind of events can we localize by monitoring?

Monitoring is capable of looking for any halt, device breakdown or service outage and enables instant intervention.

What do you mean by monitoring of hardware components ?

The monitoring profile is capable of not only monitoring by software, but also monitoring by hardware. That means, if a disk breaks down or problems occur with a power supply unit, we will detect these problems immediately and make the replacements if there is a fault.

What should I know about trend reports?

The great advantage of trend reports is that using a trend report that was created in consideration of the monitored components and alerts, we can get prepared in advance to the malfunction of any possible hardware or software component. And thanks to that, we can apply intervention before the trouble actually happens.

Why is it a good idea to type threshold values?

The application of threshold values is important in ensuring that no alarm or alert should be issued, unless a component operates in excess of a given threshold.  This may include, for example, monitoring of the background storage disk, where it can be determined as a percentage ratio when we should issue an alert or an actual alarm. That way we can avoid disk saturation. 



Monitoring of software, hardware and network devices.

BKV (Budapest Transport Company)

Monitoring of software, hardware and network devices.


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