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Control Services

These days companies in the business sphere focus on enhancing their competitiveness as a first priority. In order to accomplish this objective, we need to ensure the continuity of business, enhance the safety and the protection of the data, while reducing the costs of related service support.  In order to create an opportunity to fulfill these seemingly conflicting expectations (i.e. sustainability of constant and safe business operations, while reducing costs), it is important that the operations of the given company be supported by an appropriate control system and professional background, as this is an essential element of proactive interventions.

Outsource Services

A secure and cost efficient operation of business systems is essential for companies operating in the competitive sector. Application of IT Outsourcing can be a solution, and it has been tested and proven in both the Hungarian and international practice. In that scheme the customer buys high quality and measurable service, at a predefined cost level. The Outsource Business Unit of Synergon System Integrator (SRI) performs its activities according to the ITIL industrial standard, which has become a generally accepted standard by now, and provides excellent service to its customers.

System Support Services

Support services assist and complement the work of IT system operators. These help to guarantee high quality system operation which is capable of fully satisfying the needs of a particular company or organization. Support services include SLA based reactive and proactive activities aimed to increase availability, as well as overall audits and consulting activities defining medium and long-term operations.


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