Synergon System Integrator
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Security Technology Systems

IP technology  burst into various areas of our everyday life very rapidly, and has become one of the most dynamically developing technologies of these days. The development of cameras, video technology and admission control systems has by now reached the level of providing a real alternative to traditional CCTV (closed circuit television) and admission systems. Since these network security systems are built on an IT foundation, the scope of services with which the analogue systems can no longer compete has been expanding continuously. In addition, these new technologies prove to be much more cost efficient than their predecessors: for example by the camera system it becomes possible to reduce the headcount of the security staff, insurance premium discounts can be achieved, and if the facility is leased, having good security technology equipment is a factor that may increase the rental fee of the facility. Realizing these features, Synergon Rendszerintegrátor provides turnkey solutions for the implementation of the systems mentioned above.

Our qualified professionals handle everything from submitting an offer through the project management of implementation, all the way to the preparation of the documentation.  If required, maintenance and availability contracts can also be concluded for the implemented systems.

In essence, the implementation of property protection and life protection systems is not a profit-generating investment - in most cases the target is to keep eventual losses at a minimum level, and ensure compliance with the statutory requirements.



It is a fundamental condition for IP-based security technology that the company in charge of design / implementation should be knowledgeable in several related professional fields, such as:

  • physical property protection systems of buildings,
  • high level knowledge of computer networks
  • know-how necessary for the design and installation of building cabling.

SRI fully meets these expectations, furthermore, our staff have gained considerable experiences in security technology projects built on IP camera, in the field of the integration of supplementary services, such as the movement of barriers or two-way sound transmission.



  • DÉMÁSZ Zrt.
  • Abaqua Kft.
  • Hírker Zrt.
  • ISC Budapest
  • Paksi AtomerÅ‘mű Zrt. (Nuclear Plant of Paks Ltd.)
  • Zollner Electronik Kft.

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