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Planning and building of European Union sponsored wideband Internet networks

In the past two decades, the digital information flow played a more important role both in private life and business, and the quantity and quality of available data are even increasing. These opportunities open new perspectives and quality of life for the users, e.g. arranging banking and municipal affairs via Internet, e-learning, interactive TV-watching, VOD - Video on Demand, IPTV Internet Protocol Television, VoIP - Voice over IP, etc. On the other hand, the inhabitants of disadvantaged settlements - where the establishment of an appropriate network is unprofitable according to the rate of return calculations of the Internet providers - will lag behind in making use of the opportunities offered by the virtual world, i.e. both individuals and businesses will suffer a handicap. This recognition was followed by the applications financed by the European Union, e.g. no. GVOP 4.4.2 through which economically disadvantaged small regions may submit applications for supporting their wideband Internet access. These wideband networks may be implemented by various transmission systems, and Synergon System Integrator Ltd is able to provide an up-to-date solution for each of these systems.

The most widely used media are:

  • microwave access, i.e. the wireless systems,
  • ADSL accesses implemented through the traditional telephone network,
  • internet established on the interactive cable television network,
  • and, the state-of-the-art fibre to the home access.

Due to the many-sided applicability and cost-effectiveness of this system, the CATV solutions implemented by us reached the greatest number, but the other options have also been implemented.

The up-to-date „triple play” (telephone, data and one-way video signal transmission) cable television networks are based on connections where coax and optical cables used together and their widely used abbreviation is HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax). With advances in technology the list of services can be expanded by mobile phone service, „quad play”, and a number of options (remote supervision, outdoor surveillance systems). The IP-based technology makes interchangeability and integrability between various telecommunication services feasible. Accordingly, modern and high-performance CATV networks provide cost-effective and lasting infrastructure for wideband applications requested in the applications for support. By virtue of Act I of 1996, in Hungary only cable television networks suitable for up-to-date data transmission may be operated as of 1 January 2003. Their planning and implementation demand a shift in attitudes regarding construction of networks.


Our services

Planning, licensing

Making use of the experience we gained in planning, and the large number of our partners, we are able to plan up-to-date HFC, Wireless or purely optical solutions with a short deadline in every region of the country. By serving our Client’s demands and opportunities, our plans offer high-level technology by looking into the future.

In our cable solutions, subject to ground conditions, cost-effectiveness and rate of return considerations; we implement routes with substructure, patch cables and pole line owned by our client alone or together with the local power provider.  With these solutions we carry out the connection of the settlements or the entire system to the national Internet core network by high-capacity optical connections. Within the settlements we plan optical core networks and coaxial network to cover the service area. Upon request we combine them with wireless technologies as well.

After a preliminary conciliation, we work out the technical concepts. According to the version approved by our client, we prepare the route plans and conciliate them with the owners (individuals, local governments, etc.), public utility companies (road, water, gas telecommunication and power providers, etc.) and specialised authorities (Cultural Heritage, Environmental Protection, Water Management, Mining Office, National Defence, VÁTI, etc.).

Based on the route plans conciliated, we prepare the system technology plans then have the plans approved. This process is closed by obtaining a legally binding NHHH building permit.

Implementation, project management

The appropriate project management is one of the most important pillars of the implementation, because continuous contact should be maintained with the Client, the specialised authorities, public utility companies, subcontractors, monitoring organizations and suppliers.

The would-be project manager participates in the project from the preparation of the offer. He participates in the elaboration of the contract, the preparation and finalization of the document establishing the project. During the planning and licensing procedure, he takes measures to ensure materials necessary for implementation.

We continuously monitor the progress of the project and inform the Client about it during cooperation negotiations. We keep records that follow the progress of the project, and keep and update the schedule. Our company provides a responsible technical manager for the implementation period of the project. Upon request, we undertake to perform technical supervision and tasks of external experts as well.

Project settlement and controlling

In the case of projects supported by EU, we prepare the project progress reports. We participate in managing possible bank loans and actualizing cash flow plans of the associations or local governments which obtained some support.

We provide support for the mandatory settlement tasks and the inspections of the directing and monitoring authorities and the market supervision authority (IT kht, MAG ZRt.)

The follow-up of the project is also important for us and upon request we give advice and guidelines to the Client regarding the operating tasks once the project has been closed.

The experience of our colleagues provides a significant value added to the implementation of the project.



  • because Synergon’s EU sales and tender writing teams can effectively assist organizations in writing tenders
  • because with the help of our highly qualified experts, Synergon alone is able to give a comprehensive solution
  • because Synergon is a reliable partner with sufficient capital
  • because our experts and 24 hour Call-Center provides a reliable background for long-term operation



EU Supported GVOP 4.4.2. projects:

  • Informatics Society of Gönc and the environs
  • Informatics Society of Abaújszántó and the environs’s settlements
  • Multiporpose Society of Körös-Szögi Micro-Region (Szarvas and the environs)
  • Broadband Development of Public Utility Society (Sárbogárd and the environs)
  • Government of Kalocsa City

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