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Turnkey Datacenters

The core of a reliable information technology system is the server room, designed and implemented in a professional manner. In addition to the architectural structure designed for this special purpose, the operations of a number of weak and heavy current systems should be ensured and harmonized in an extremely reliable manner.

Structured Cabling

The structured cable network constitutes the basis for IT systems: each tool and software element of the system is connected to each other via the cable network therefore no reliable IT network can exist without high quality cabling. At the same time, the modification or development of the cable networks is the most difficult job considering the components of the systems; therefore a reliable cabling network is of paramount importance.

Optical data transmission

Over the recent period, the development of IT and telecommunications has been progressing in giant steps, and the trend continues into these days.  Over the recent decade data transmission speed has almost doubled every year, as more and more users (and simultaneously with that, applications requiring increasingly higher bandwidth) have connected to the networks.

Security Technology Systems

IP technology  burst into various areas of our everyday life very rapidly, and has become one of the most dynamically developing technologies of these days. The development of cameras, video technology and admission control systems has by now reached the level of providing a real alternative to traditional CCTV (closed circuit television) and admission systems.

Planning And Building Of European Union Sponsored Wideband Internet Networks

In the past two decades, the digital information flow played a more important role both in private life and business, and the quantity and quality of available data are even increasing. These opportunities open new perspectives and quality of life for the users, e.g. arranging banking and municipal affairs via Internet, e-learning, interactive TV-watching, VOD - Video on Demand, IPTV Internet Protocol Television, VoIP - Voice over IP, etc.


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