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Network Optimization

In the event of companies operating a shared network infrastructure with several sites (LAN/WAN heterogeneous networks) the efficiency of the access to the shared resources is a critical factor. The erratic services (such as mailing, file server access, IP telephony, videoconference, etc.) between two points of the network have a significant effect on the everyday work of users and the efficiency of the value creating processes. Increasing either the internal or the external capacities may be the solution to the increase in the operational reliability and speed of network services and the satisfaction of the increasing hunger of applications for bandwidth. However, this quite often requires an unreasonably high and permanent increase in operational expenses. With the currently available technology, however, there are several other, transparent solutions which can be integrated simply for a virtual increase in bandwidth, and the effective application-specific utilization of the actual bandwidth.

The optimization solutions containing both hardware and software elements releases bandwidth for the applications requiring access to remote network resources by means of, for example, Quality of Service functions, data packing, cache memory installation, TCP acceleration and intelligent, statistics based forecast algorithms. The hardware elements constituting part of the solution are located in the vicinity of the parties communicating in the form of a standalone hardware unit or an extension card which can be inserted into the active device. These hardware elements – by means of the software applied together with them – make the communication between the endpoints spanning over the connection and the active device more effective as a completely transparent service from the aspect of the intermediate active devices and the communication endpoints. In this manner the original characteristics (security, physical/logical topology, applied LAN/WAN technologies, etc) of the network can also be retained. So the network optimization solutions essentially offer a cost effective solution spanning from end-to-end to tackle bandwidth problems, to curb/reduce the communication service expenses within these networks.

Network optimization is a dynamically developing, more and more significant and exciting field on the IT solution market. It is essential to emphasize that the success of these solutions can precisely be measured on the basis of user experience. Synergon System Integrator is in the possession of the demonstration toolkit of several manufacturers, so the potential for our customers to test the solution we regard expedient and to prove its successfulness is guaranteed.

Available solutions

Synergon System Integrator represents several manufacturers’ products in the solutions aiming at network optimization:


The solution for LAN/WAN optimization is the Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) product family. The greatest attraction of the solution is that it can simply be integrated into Cisco based networks. The software components ensure the integrity of the network devices, among other things, in the form of IOS add-ins, for example, Cisco firewalls recognize the WAAS solutions, so they provide a ‘gap free’ protection, which may cause difficulty for other manufacturers.

BlueCoat Packetshaper

Since BlueCoat has acquired the well-known and recognized manufacturer, Packeteer it has a significant market share in traffic optimization solutions’s market thanks to the very succesful Packetshaper product line. Packetshaper solutions, besides  traffic optimization, also contain a uniquely integrated monitoring system by means of which the detailed, content based and application level analyses of network traffic can be implemented.


Our company's experience gained in the design and implementation of network optimization and the preparedness of our experts, our available solutions and the opportunity to test them ensure that our customers will obtain a solution which is suitable to their needs and the efficiency of which is guaranteed.

In addition to the fact that Synergon System Integrator devotes the most intense attention on the network optimization solutions among the leading domestic system integrators, and was the first to possess the demonstration tools in Hungary regarding several manufacturers, the company has gained considerable experience in relation to the solutions.

The principle of network optimization is the profound network knowledge of the design/implementation company; and Synergon System Integrator fully meets this requirement.


Which problems can be handled by means of the network optimization solutions?

Users often complain about the slowness of the applications they use, the difficult and sometimes unstable availability of network resources.

The quality of the IP telephony and the videoconference services are not adequate.

The slow, unreliable, erratic applications and solutions can easily frustrate users and so these generally exercise an adverse effect on the working efficiency and performance capability of employees, and through these on the success of the organization as well.

What immediate or expectable benefits can a successful implementation of an optimization solution provide?

The speed and reliability of the applications can be increased by means of Synergon System Integrator’s network optimization solutions. The number and duration of the embarrassing nerve-racking waiting periods, decrease by means of which work can become more effective and smooth.

The applications used on the network utilize the available bandwidth much more efficiently by means of the solution, so the excess OPEX (operational expenses) arising from the increase in the line bandwidth can be eliminated, or – facilitating bandwidth narrowing – the current maintenance costs can be decreased. The return can easily be quantified.

What guarantees that the recommended solution will operate in accordance with the expectations in our network?

Network optimization is a dynamically developing info-communication field exploiting the recurring features of the network traffic and manipulating with the methods arising from the elimination of the evolution ‘diseases’ of network technologies. A certain concrete solution does not stand its ground in each network, its success greatly depends on the architecture of the given network and the features of the applications used, which is why testing the given solution and comparing it with other solutions are very important. Since Synergon System Integrator is in the possession of several manufacturers’ products this possibility is given for each enquiring customer.

Why should we invest in a solution when we can already achieve a bandwidth broadening at a favourable price today?

Increasing the external communication (WAN) lines capacity may appear more rewarding in the short term; however, it may not be the most foreseeable solution. The constant increase in data traffic shall also be taken into consideration. This will necessitate newer and newer line extension needs and so a never ending process is created. From this aspect this solution inevitably appears as an incalculable factor among the operational expenses (OPEX) in the long term, not to mention the fact that the enterprise communication is becoming more and more service provider dependent.


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