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System management solutions

System management solutions based on Tivoli

The accelerating pace and increasing expectations of the business world are bringing up new types of problems to the surface constantly, which also pose increasing challenges to operators of IT networks. The fast technological changes, new types of complex security threats, the need for continuous availability all put the pressure of constant compliance on the IT service personnel. Thus for large enterprises having a complex IT network, institutes or telecommunications service providers, it is essential for proper operations to ensure appropriate availability, furthermore, the constant monitoring of the operation, workload and traffic features of network tools is absolutely necessary for ensuring service quality. The dynamic management of network traffic and the scheduling of maintenance activities are also of fundamental importance, based on the collected features. By system supervision, in addition to the fast and timely detection of any error that may occur, the effected or predictable impacts of the actual or expected faults on the individual services and applications running on the network can be reviewed easily and simply. This enables scheduling of the maintenance and fault repair activities, in such a manner that it should reduce the possibility of the development of critical faults to minimum level, or if they do occur, keep the time necessary for fault repair at the lowest possible level.

The system supervision solution offered by Synergon System Integrator (SRI) is based on the IBM Tivoli product family, which provides a wide array of infrastructure and service supervision functions. Relying on its special skills and market experiences, as well as proprietary supplementary applications, SRI offers a manufacturer-independent solution for the development of a supervision system of networks that may even be composed of fully heterogeneous devices; thereby fulfilling the expectations of both telecommunications service providers and companies operating their own internal networks to the fullest extent.

The significance of the IBM Tivoli product family is that it provides an efficient and cost-saving solution for the event supervision of networks and infrastructure elements. A flexible graphical user interface that is compliant with the IT standards and customizable at any time, furthermore, the extremely fast bringing into service means significant savings on training and operating costs. And this does not even include further savings deriving from faster error detection and clearance. The system offers the following advantages:


  • this system is more than an alarm management application, therefore it enables the increase of business revenues

  • the possibility to allocate business and other data to events and alarms

  • SLA monitoring capability

  • the correlation system can be shaped to accommodate individual needs

  • escalation opportunities

  • business impact analysis of received alarms and events

  • the other capabilities not detailed here enable institutes and service providers to react rapidly to any fault event that occurs in their communication networks, in line with their level of severity, thus reducing down times.

The reduction of down time enables the provision of value added services to customers. This includes, for example, the conclusion of SLA contracts and the opportunity of real time tracking of the status of SLA guaranteed for the customer.

It is possible to achieve further cost reduction, savings and increase of trust by enabling the system to open trouble tickets without human intervention (key customers can be notified immediately), and when the fault has been eliminated, the system will close the trouble ticket automatically. Real-time connection can be created between Tivoli systems and various trouble ticket handling systems (such as Service Desk, Remedy, Clarify, etc.).


Why Synergon system integrator (SRI)?

Why should I choose SRI?

  • Synergon was one of the first companies to deal with this field in 2000.

  • Staff of trained and certified professionals.

  • Experiences of several years, references

  • Comprehensive market and technology skills

What are some of the benefits of the application of the system supervision solution?

  • efficient and cost-saving system supervision, i.e.

  • the system collects events in the infrastructure (network, server, application) in one place, which enables fast error detection and clearance, reducing the duration of service outages.

  • ensures high-level availability

  • it is simple to review the impacts of actual and expected faults on the individual services, and the likelihood of the occurrence of critical faults can be minimized.

  • provides high quality network services, i.e.

  • the operator of the network is able to measure in real time not only its network devices, but also the status and availability of the provided services, enabling the maintenance of the expected service level.



Why should I choose IBM Tivoli systems, as opposed to the competitors?

Tivoli products are characterized by a very rapid return on investment. In addition to technical parameters, module architecture and flexibility, the most important factor is that they offer a multitude of functions ready to be used, i.e. right after installation the application can be operational. There is no need for developments taking several months or even a year, as is customary with the competition. It is another major advantage that the system is open, it can be customized by solutions available and easily applicable by the user. There is no need for costly development tools, training and lengthy development processes.


How long will implementation take?

As we have detailed above, implementation is extremely fast. After installation the events appear and can be managed immediately. Naturally, customization to the needs of the user may take some more time, depending on the size of the task. It follows from the structure of the system that customization can be continued during normal operations. In many cases certain requirements are only raised during regular operation. It is an advantage of the system that these requirements can be fulfilled very fast, during operation.


How reliable is it?

Mission critical IBM Tivoli system elements have HA (high availability) mode of operation (clustering capability). If the primary component is down, the system will switch to using the backup component automatically. The reserve component can be considered a warm reserve, because in regular operation it is fully in synch with the primary component. The data contents are identical.


What is the return on investment?

This product ensures a rapid return on investment. This is the result of extremely fast bringing into service, easy use, the fact that there is no need for developments based on expensive programing, the reduction of network down time owing to high level of automation and other features.


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