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Cable Television Networks

Cable Television Networks

Today there is a growing need for cost effective, cable television networks. These networks require good quality devices and more complex and up-to-date knowledge and experience from the experts designing and installing the network. Synergon Information Systems Plc. has been dealing with the design and installation of optical cable television systems since 1993. In addition to the traditional cable television products, our current product range comprises of systems enabling the introduction of new services (data, telephone and digital video) on CTV networks.

Optical cable television systems

Today, due to the increased need which can be felt for new value increased services appearing on cable television networks, the service providers are compelled to modernize the old, obsolete networks. The cable television service providers are capable of increasing the number of TV channels, developing a better selling program package and launching Internet and telephone services on these modern networks. Taking into consideration the foreign tendencies, the encoded digital TV channels will become more wide-spread in Hungary and the Pay-per-view and other services (security technology systems, interactive games, etc.) will also appear on the cable television networks.

Data transmission on cable television networks

Data transmission channels can be created on the bi-directional cable television networks between subscribers and the cable network hub station or directly between subscribers by means of the cable modem system. The system can be connected to the Internet service provider's network by means of routers located in the hub station. The company operating a cable television data network can provide a fast (generally 400Mbit/s downstream and 100Mbit/s upstream) Internet access and the local organisations may also gain access to information of public interest important to the community. The system is also suitable for the economic connection of the sites and LAN networks of companies with local interest.

Digital video transmission systems

Digital video transmission systems are generally used for transmitting long distance video signals (e.g. for the transmission of studio signals to another studio or to the site of broadcasting). We can offer our customers several types of technology. The system is capable of receiving analogous or digital video signals. The cable television service providers can replace their expensive hub stations which are costly to operate in a cost effective manner by interconnecting their networks. The telecommunication companies can create a video transfer network, which can be leased out for studios, TV companies and cable television companies to satisfy their temporary or constant transmission needs.

Digital program distribution systems

Some of the digital program distribution systems transmit MPEG2 or MPEG4 encoded program signals on a traditional CATV network. The essence of this is that even several hundreds of video signals can be transmitted in the same quality instead of the approximately 70 analogous channels for which an analogous cable network is suitable, and in the meantime the unauthorized access to the programs can be prevented by means of secure encryption procedures. Another application of the digital program distribution systems is the satellite program distribution. Professional encoders and statistical multiplexing procedures are used with the satellite program distribution systems for the purpose of decreasing the bandwidth.

Small community cable television networks

Today there is a growing need for cost effective, local cable television networks. It is worth building up a private network in larger buildings, mainly in hotels, educational buildings and shopping centres. The system ensures the reception and distribution of television and radio channels within the building. The operator of the building is capable of incorporating programs replayed from a video cassette or even a computer. This channel can be used for transmitting local information, advertisement material or news for the tenants.

New technologies

Since the traditional television program broadcasting platforms are becoming increasingly saturated, it is more significantly difficult to increase the content broadcast. The solution is the digitalization of the infrastructure and the application of the broadband Internet.  The solutions offered by Synergon Information Systems Plc. support several types of models from the so-called video-on-demand (VOD) services as far as the IPTV which includes broadcasting all the program flow.

The VOD facilitates calling up or viewing single program items, typically movies from a central location at any time. The major benefit of the service is that the customer can compile the program in accordance with his or her own preferences – contrary to the narrow choice offered by the program provider – and so a much wider database, which can even contain several thousands of films, will be available.  In a technological sense the VOD can equally be offered as a digital television service or on a broadband network, and the terminal equipment can even be a PC or a set-top-box.

The IPTV is a video service which transmits the television channels to the customer through a broadband network. The content can also be distributed on an IP bases over traditional networks (surface, cable and satellite), in which event the network is only a supplementary platform providing the IP flexibility to the currently existing data transmission systems. It is also possible, however, that a channel is only transmitted to the customer through the Internet.

A service like this can only be successful with the proper bandwidth and in the proper quality, but the not too complex, user-friendly operation and the competitive price and quality are also a requirement. Synergon Information Systems Plc. has the proper expertise and quality suppliers to create the service infrastructure of the ‘cable television' services.

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