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Application Level Network Performance and Traffic Measurement

Synergon System Integrator’s application level performance and network traffic measurement service searches for the answer to the development of the optimal operational environment after surveying the network and mapping its features. It investigates the applications running on the network, their role in the business environment, related expectations and effect regarding the network resource engagement.

On the basis of the investigation results, a protocol is made to represent the features of the surveyed network in a clearly understandable textual format and to make a recommendation regarding the modifications considered necessary for the development of the optimized operational environment.

The application level performance and network traffic measurement service searches for the answer to the following issues, among other things, providing basic information for the determination of the necessary interventions:


Our service provides an answer to the following questions of our customers:

  • What kinds of applications are ‘running’ on the network and out of this which ones and to what extent do they engage the available bandwidth of the telecommunication lines?

  • Are the applications really important from a business aspect which uses up the bandwidth capacities?

  • To what extent are the lines utilized and how big is the available bandwidth reserve?

  • Are the applications slowed down by low bandwidth or the lack of server capacity?

  • Is the investment required of information technology for capacity expansion justified?

  • How would the response time of certain applications change if the bandwidth of the lines were increased or decreased?

  • Are users’ complaints regarding the network and slowness of applications well-founded indeed?

  • Which applications slow down, when and in which correlation?

  • How would it be possible to forecast or prevent the capacity problems due to the constant increase in the information technology system causing intermittent breakdowns or significant performance decrease?

  • What are the rules on the basis of which of the important business applications could be prioritized for the more efficient bandwidth application?

  • How can operational risks be decreased efficiently?

  • How can we trace the effect of an introduced new application or technology on our information technology system?

  • How can the risk of introducing critical applications arising from the erroneous capacity planning be decreased?

  • How can a service level based operation be implemented which is based on a SLA acceptable and observable by each organizational division?


Synergon System Integrator has several references regarding the network application level traffic measurement. At present few system integrators have the proper means and professional competence facilitating the performance measurement.

Our service provides extremely interesting information in an easily embraceable and understandable form regarding the applications and network capacities used in the customer’s network. The result of the analysis can save or release considerable financial means this way.


What kind of problems can we localize by means of this measurement?

Users often complain about the slow speed of the applications they use, the difficult and sometimes unstable availability of network resources and the unstable operation of the information technology system.  The slow and unstable access to the applications or the central resources considerably influences the value creating processes and increases users’ disappointment indirectly and has a negative effect on users’ work morals. The point/points of the IT structure causing the problem can unambiguously be localized by means of our service.

What do we exactly understand by the network application level performance measurement?

The components of the traffic passing through the given communication line can be identified and categorized in the course of the measurement broken down to applications.  We monitor the efficiency of the network communication and measure the response time of the applications.

How can we benefit from the information gained during the survey?

The analysis demonstrates the applications using the largest bandwidth, the temporal load of the communication lines (the so-called ‘directions’), exploring the bottlenecks and the reserves, and points out the weak points of the network, localizes the source of the experienced error and forecasts the problems foreseeable in the future.

On the basis of all this, the interventions which are or will be required in the given information technology system for a cost effective remedy of the problems can precisely be localized.

Can this measurement constitute a security hazard, will it cause an outage and will it be necessary to reconfigure the network devices?

The devices used for network traffic measurement match the system in a completely transparent way, they do not cause any hold-up in the connecting device and do not require any modification in their configuration. The accommodation and removal of the measurement device may only cause an outage lasting for some minutes but these tasks can easily be scheduled to low traffic periods which are practically designated for maintenance.



ERSTE Bank Hungary Nyrt.
Application level network traffic measurement and analysis from the aspect of certain branches (6 points/branch), the textual analysis and representation of the information gained during the survey in a complex tabular and graphical format.

Employment and Social Office
On site measurement and analysis of WAN traffic and the traffic of 3 servers (that is 4 points), for a week, to elaborate on the future development conception.

The performance of a 24-hour application level measurement of 3 points at one site.

Measurement of the SAP application within the framework of the valid system support contract. Measurement of the SAP application traffic at 1 site for 2 weeks to localize the bottlenecks causing the decline in efficiency of the application.

E.ON Energiakereskedő Kft.
Specific application level network traffic measurement at two sites for 1 week each.


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