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Voice Mailbox System - Voice Cover

The efficiency of the voice communication systems is of vital importance in the life of companies. The integration of information technology and communication systems holds huge potential which can make voice communication even more efficient. Service becomes smoother on the caller's side, the calls lost for the party called can be eliminated and the information technology storage and procession of voice messages ensures a higher level customer service.

The VoiceCover may be an additional element to voice mailbox systems and IVR solution private branch exchanges or IP based (VoIP) telephone systems, by means of which the applied private branch exchange system can be expanded by several value added services.

The system is capable of operating on two physical interfaces:

  • It connects to the private branch exchange through an ISDN (BRI, PRI) interface, which is a digital interface providing a close and reliable connection between the private branch exchange and the voice mailbox system. It eliminates the errors of the analogous system.

  • It connects to the IP private branch exchange through a VoIP (H.323) IP interface (e.g. Cisco CallManager) standard H.323 interface.

The voice mailbox system comes in four languages in the base configuration: English, Hungarian, German and Czech, which can be changed for each voice mailbox. Naturally, the system can be expanded with any language (voice patterns). The fully configured system is even capable of managing 10,000 voice mailboxes.

The VoiceCover operates on Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 operating systems; it can be configured to 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 and 30 channels. Its remote management is provided through an ISDN or IP interface.

The VoiceCover has a modular structure so the scope of services can easily be modified. The major services of the modules are:

The main module, the VOICE MAILBOX system

  • Password protected voice mailboxes

  • Language adjustable to each mailbox

  • Message replay

  • Message Waiting indication (MWI):

  • Automatic or manual message forwarding

  • Greeting message assigned to phone number

The MAIL4YOU module (optional)

The WEB module (optional)

The IVR module (optional)

The automatic handling module (optional)


In addition to the installation (integration) and support (software follow up, remote maintenance) we also undertake the training for users and administrators as well as the provision of audio materials (studio recordings).


Synergon, as the developer of VoiceCover system is the most suitable partner for the introduction of the system. VoiceCover has the following benefits in comparison to the products of our rivals:

  • Hungarian language interfaces,

  • Potential selection among several languages

  • Support for several operation environments

  • Scalability (the management of 2-30 calls simultaneously)

  • Modular configuration

  • Favorable price

  • Constant, quick support.


Can VoiceCover also be adapted to digital private branch exchanges?

Yes, it can, it can be adapted to any private branch exchange through an ISDN interface.

Can the space used by certain users be restricted (number or length of messages, etc.)?

Yes, it can, nine types of ‘service classes’ can be created, where the number or length of messages, the number and length of greeting messages, the automatic deletion of old messages can be set. The certain users can be classified into these service classes.

What does a four-line system mean?

This is the number of calls received parallel, simultaneously.

Can the modules in the system be combined freely?

Yes, any module can be purchased for the base configuration as extension.



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