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NetDoc - Network Documentation

NetDoc Network Documentation

One of the most important aspects in the operation of computerized networks is to ensure the continuous transparency and documentation of the network topology. Unfortunately, in everyday practice it is a generally occurring problem that network expansions and the modifications performed during the operation are not registered in the network documentation which is losing its precision consequently. After a certain time, the total chaos arrives when the available documentation does not reflect the real conditions, even approximately, any more. This grows to be a prominent problem when operating large information technology systems, where due to the dimension of the network the number, type, physical and logical topology of the devices cannot be followed by human scales. An up-to-date documentation is also inevitable as soon as the expansion, modernization and reorganization of the network or the migration of other systems should be performed, or a recovery would be necessary after a breakdown affecting the entire system or part of it, and it can also provide useful help in the event of the necessary audits, occasional administrative investigations and professional audits.

Synergon System Integrator’s NetDoc product provides an efficient, turn-key solution to network documentation problems. The active and passive network elements, together with the physical and logical connections between them, are surveyed during the network documentation method elaborated by Synergon System Integrator. By storing the data in a database and by means of object-oriented graphical software, the different level network relations can be represented. The documentation, elaborated in such a manner, presents the hardware structure and site organization of the network devices, the build-up of the cable network (L1) as well as the data transmission (L2) and IP network (L3) topology in a transparent and hierarchical architecture.

By means of the regular documentation update performed by Synergon System Integrator, the completed network documentation can be kept updated and the modifications performed during the given period are constantly traceable. On the basis of the documentation, the former conditions are easily restorable.

Content of service

Major features of NetDoc:

  • It dynamically represents the devices on the basis of the information loaded into the database. Changing between the displays of L1, L2, L3 topologies are possible by a single click.

  • It uses a consequent, clear-cut - de facto – standard notation (with colour codes, uniform pictograms).

  • It does not contain contradictory data, unnecessary redundancy (verified, consistent, authentic information).

  • The displayed data (IP/MAC addresses, hostnames, links, device types, operation system version numbers, port assignments, update dates, etc.) can be retrieved, filtered, grouped and can support inventory extracts.

  • The regularly updated network documentation can serve as a key document to reports or professional audits submitted to supervisory bodies.

  • A constant development follows customer needs.

  • It can be customized on the basis of individual needs and a flexible update scheduling is also possible.

  • It is a deficiency supplying solution which is practically unique on the market.

Detailed features of the service

‘Composing’ review drawings

Reviewing and summarizing drawings can be compiled from arbitrary parts of the system represented in detail on the hierarchically built up, diagrams of different levels and types by ‘drawing together' several structural drawings simply and quickly. The reviewing diagrams composed in the above manner show both the elements of the used diagram parts and the links representing the physical or logical connections between the ports or devices located on the different diagrams.

Documentation update

The modifications are easily traceable and precise by means of the documentation method. In the course of updating the documentation the following modifications are logged:

  • the incorporation or termination of a device

  • a change in the type or serial number of the given device or module

  • a change in the LAN/WAN connection of the device ports

  • a change in the devices IP addresses.


Synergon System Integrator’s NetDoc network documentation service is a unique and turn-key solution on the market filling an old gap on the market.


We do not have precise documentation about our network at present, why would it be important for us?

In spite of the number and expertise of the operation personnel, the reported errors can only be corrected slowly and with difficulty. Even in a better case, only some of the ‘old’ colleagues can embrace the structure of the network entirely or partially. The fallout of these colleagues is critical from the operation aspect, their replacement is difficult.

The topology of the currently existing network and the number and actual role of the devices within the network are not embraceable, consequently newer cost factors appear constantly in an uncontrollable way.

The potential to restore the system is not provided for.

No information is available in relation to the features of the information technology system for the elaboration of reports to be submitted to supervisory authorities (such as HFSA, NCA) or in the course of quality assurance audits.

What benefit can we gain if we employ this service?

Significant support can be given for the operating personnel’s work by ensuring the perfect transparency of the system. The preferential role of the colleagues in the possession of the exclusive information is terminated so the solution to their replacement does not mean a problem. Due to the transparency, the time spent on troubleshooting shortens and the operational expenses decrease.

The network documentation forms a reliable base for the occasionally necessary system restorations.

The documentation produced by Synergon System Integrator can officially be submitted towards the supervisory authorities since Synergon System Integrator warrants for its relevancy.



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