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Enterprise Networks

Large enterprise networks have become common now. All companies in Hungary with several sites have solved the electronic transmission of their data in one way or another. These systems more or less (or not at all) are developable and their operation generally requires a considerable amount of human resource, so their operation is not optimal, though they are still in operation, available and have inevitably brought a breakthrough in the approach: the potential of electronic data exchanges penetrates the workflow from the office workers to the senior management. The situation in which the majority of Hungarian companies are at present can be called the heroic age of large enterprise networks.

Telecommunication Networks

The Enterprise market also has a growing need for value added provider services, like MPLS based IP/VPN communication. The traditional VPN models and services should also be implemented in MPLS networks, therefore L2VPNs are becoming more important. All these effects necessitate the development of the service provider backbone networks (more bandwidth, QoS functions, VPN, data-voice integration).

Unified Communication Systems

The Unified communication system, formerly known as IP telephone system, offered by Synergon actually enables the management of the traditional private branch exchange traffic and the utilization of the private branch exchange services through the application of the company’s information technology network. The core difference between the IP telephone system and the traditional private branch exchange systems is that it does not require a separate cable network, thus voice is transmitted through the currently existing computer network integrated into the data transmission.

Voice Mailbox System - Voice Cover

The efficiency of the voice communication systems is of vital importance in the life of companies. The integration of information technology and communication systems holds huge potential which can make voice communication even more efficient. Service becomes smoother on the caller's side, the calls lost for the party called can be eliminated and the information technology storage and procession of voice messages ensures a higher level customer service.

System Management Solutions

The accelerating pace and increasing expectations of the business world are bringing up new types of problems to the surface constantly, which also pose increasing challenges to operators of IT networks. The fast technological changes, new types of complex security threats, the need for continuous availability all put the pressure of constant compliance on the IT service personnel.

Video Conferencing Solutions

It is not possible to avoid personal meetings at all, but a virtual meeting can help organizations to reduce costs. Videoconferencing systems give you the opportunty to do productive work insted of traveling. It is also much easier to organize a virtual meeting than an ordinary one wich leads to faster decicion making and to complete business goals.

Wireless Networks

Nowadays there is a growing need for wireless network access products by means of which the wide service choice of data transmission can be delivered to users in an efficient, flexible and cost effective way. The application of the wireless transmission method offers an alternative or complex potential for the replacement or substitution of the connections represented by the wired transmission media.

Cable Television Networks

Today there is a growing need for cost effective, cable television networks. These networks require good quality devices and more complex and up-to-date knowledge and experience from the experts designing and installing the network. Synergon Information Systems Plc. has been dealing with the design and installation of optical cable television systems since 1993. In addition to the traditional cable television products, our current product range comprises of systems enabling the introduction of new services (data, telephone and digital video) on CTV networks.

NetDoc Network Documentation

One of the most important aspects in the operation of computerized networks is to ensure the continuous transparency and documentation of the network topology. Unfortunately, in everyday practice it is a generally occurring problem that network expansions and the modifications performed during the operation are not registered in the network documentation which is losing its precision consequently. After a certain time, the total chaos arrives when the available documentation does not reflect the real conditions, even approximately, any more.

Application Level Network Performance and Traffic Measurement

Synergon System Integrator’s application level performance and network traffic measurement service searches for the answer to the development of the optimal operational environment after surveying the network and mapping its features. It investigates the applications running on the network, their role in the business environment, related expectations and effect regarding the network resource engagement.

Network Optimization

In the event of companies operating a shared network infrastructure with several sites (LAN/WAN heterogeneous networks) the efficiency of the access to the shared resources is a critical factor. The erratic services (such as mailing, file server access, IP telephony, videoconference, etc.) between two points of the network have a significant effect on the everyday work of users and the efficiency of the value creating processes. Increasing either the internal or the external capacities may be the solution to the increase in the operational reliability and speed of network services and the satisfaction of the increasing hunger of applications for bandwidth.


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