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Workflow and Portal

In the course of enterprise operation, besides individual work, more often tasks arise that require team work to solve. Enterprises which are capable of solving these tasks more efficiently will be able to hold their ground and strengthen themselves in the market competition. The efficient solution of tasks requires a smooth operation within the workgroups so that the team can really be more than the sum of the individual participants.

Which are the frequent problems to be solved in a similar situation? The efficient communications, as well as the provision of the relevant information required for each member’s work on the team are essential for a successful cooperation. This especially creates difficulty if the members of the workgroup are far away from each other both in time and space. In the lack of the proper information technology support the documents sent via an e-mail, faxes and telephone calls proliferate, and it indeed takes a man to find the final version of a document approved of by everyone among the vast amount of e-mails. Just consider how difficult it is for a new member joining a workgroup under such circumstances to get the picture in relation to previous work, since all the related mails have to be scraped together from the colleagues’ mailboxes, that is, if those mails have not been deleted yet.

The diverse team portals, which provide a uniform web based interface for the workgroup, can be applied most efficiently for the support of the work. All the information required for the performance of the given task can be gathered on this surface through which the work is actually performed and the communication within the team is managed. The documents are edited, revised and approved of at this group web site where the colleagues can gain access to all the information, all the knowledge base articles, documentations and link list in relation to the given issue. The team website supports the currently popular cooperation and information publication functions, such as task assignment and follow up, forums or blogs, but the data stored in the different enterprise databases (e.g. enterprise management or project management systems) are also accessible through this website. By means of the team portal products the web 2.0 solutions, which are gaining more ground, (for example; the enterprises’ own wiki-s by means of which the different enterprise knowledge centres can easily be created or the RSS through which functional up-to-date information can be gained from the portal) become simply accessible in a large enterprise environment. The integration of the most diverse mailing and other construction tools and the presence detection function also considerably enables the more efficient communication. Our company recommends its different products based solutions for its Customers for the most comprehensive support of the above mentioned functionality.


The deployment of a team work solution cannot be regarded exclusively as an information technology project since it may fundamentally complicate team members' professional life. For example, colleagues have to get accustomed to the fact that work is performed on a web based team site through the application of numerous new functions and work methods instead of documents stored on their own machine and sent via e-mails.

Because of the above mentioned facts, it is important that team work should be deployed by a company which, in addition to the solution of the information technology problems, pays attention to the organisational operational changes they initiated. .

Synergon has been dealing with the deployment of team work and project management solutions for years. Through the application of our gained experience, we have developed our own deployment methodology of which in addition to the implementation of the system, also provides for its infiltration into the enterprise culture and facilitates that it will become an organic part of all employees' work.



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