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Document Management

In accordance with research, the number of documents managed in a disorganised way at an average large enterprise increase between 65% and 200% annually, depending on the sector in which the enterprise performs its activity. In accordance with the survey ordered by the EMC2 enterprise, even a single office employee can increase the scope of enterprise documents by 800 MB of data annually. Colleagues generally do not know whether or not the generated documents are in existence or are important in any aspects or that the document they actually found is the latest version. The process of generating, approving, publishing and storing documents is a key factor for most organisations.

Synergon is capable of implementing document management project solutions even on several platforms. We base the selection of the most suitable technology on the customer’s special requirements.  Our product portfolio comprises the EMC2 Documentum product family and the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server product family.

The deployment of document management solutions enables the company to manage the process of creating internally generated documents within a unified team work tool, to ensure that each colleague can work on the most recent version of the documents as well as the publication of certain documents through a predefined approval process. The information involved in the document management supported by means of the document management tool can always be found quickly due to the advanced search functions.

In addition to the above, the EMC2 Documentum product family offers market leader solutions to archiving documents, modelling, measuring and managing complex business processes.


Synergon Information Systems Plc.’s document management projects related activities have a past of exceeding 5 years. The system we introduced can be found at the largest public administration organisations, large energy industry enterprises and several financial institutes. Synergon is capable of integrating the document management systems into any other platform (for example ERP, CRM systems, team work solutions), or supplementing them with individually developed components meeting absolutely unique requirements.



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