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Business Intelligence

A company generally has a vast amount of business data but still does not know everything it would like to. In many cases its data can be found in systems implemented on different platforms. Executives search for useable, coherent business information but they do not always succeed and so are compelled to seek fragmented data manually from scattered systems and then to compile a sensible report out of these data themselves. The fact that the data in the received reports do not contain current information may entail another problem, since the enterprise management works on the basis of up-to-date data, but in this manner they cannot gain a picture of the current operation of the organisation. Nonetheless, each large enterprise and organisation searches for the solutions by means of which the operation of the company can be made more transparent and efficient.

The Business Intelligence systems can provide the solution to these problems. These systems can be found at the top of each data set and the enterprise process, and these indeed make visible anything which can be made visible by means of data or charts. The statements and reports of a properly configured Management Information System can be reviewed quickly and the results can be fitted onto a computer monitor or printed on an A4 sheet which can be handed over to the leaders of the enterprise. These comprise the critical parameters, from the amount of the daily turnover, through the cash-flow standing to the preferential buyers' orders, indices which are most important from the given enterprise’s aspect and required for the operative decisions.

The configuration of a Business Intelligent and Management Information System (MIS) is a complex task which can be implemented by Synergon on several platforms; Synergon analyses the data asset, transforms the data, designs and implements the data warehouse on which the information technology solution is based and develops standard reporting packages.

Synergon has selected the Oracle BI product family for the development of reports. The product family provides a uniform, integrated business intelligence infrastructure with an extended tool set which also covers the technology of query and analysis, enterprise report making, ad-hoc analyses, customizable dash-boards and portals, as well as the integration with the general desktop applications, the real time alerts and business process monitoring. The business intelligence developed in the above manner results in the advantage of creating unified, hierarchical information technology systems (dimension, index number system and planning reporting analytics) along which the advance and success of the management decisions and series of measures become traceable, and the implementation of the enterprise mission becomes manageable and measurable.


Synergon has been dealing with the complex design and implementation of Business Intelligence systems for more than three years. In accordance with our methodology elaborated in the course of this, we divide the deployment project into several smaller stages. In the first stage, we recommend the launch of a pilot project in a selected single business field, and then based on the experience of this; we commence the design of the second stage, which develops a comprehensive solution, preferably in accordance with the incremental, gradual configuration methodology by each business field. During the deployment process, besides the development of the proper technology, we attach great importance to the elaboration of the adequate strategy, the constant monitoring of the system as well as the gradual, conscious development and training of the organisation using and properly operating the system.



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