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Business Application Deployment, System Integration (BPM, SOA)

Enterprise leaders and the information technology industry have equally recognized that the quickly changing world of business processes requires the deployment of platforms on the basis of which small, interoperation capable systems encompassing the operation of the enterprise can be implemented one by one in an efficient and cost effective manner. Due to this approach, systems which do not require the entire screening and reorganisation of the enterprise operation can be developed, even individually, for the support of the business processes.

The major building blocks of the paradigm are the Business Process Management System (BPMS), as well as the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The two building elements are closely correlating platforms which result in an efficient information system development.

The BPM is practically a framework system which facilitates planning, development, operation, monitoring and automation of business processes and the coordination of the activities of people and different systems participating in the process. Through the BPM planning, running and monitoring business processes can be separated from the physical information systems. Certain information systems provide defined services (e.g. searching for the account number of the customer) for a process planned and run in the BPM tool, but the business logic itself still operates separated from this. Certain information systems provide their services for the processes through the SOA standards.

The enterprise information systems planned and implemented in the SOA aspect perform well defined, rarely changeable tasks which are important for the business process (e.g. the calculation of a commission for a given transaction), and these services are used by the frequently changing processes which can be implemented efficiently in the BPM system.


The basis of developing the applications supporting business processes is the proper survey and planning of the processes as well as matching them to the related systems. Synergon, as the largest domestic system integrator, is in the possession of all the competencies which are required for the implementation of successful BPM projects. Utilizing the experience from our previous successful projects we have gained skills not only in building up the technological background but also in the business operation of several industrial fields. The project management and business analysis related experience by means of which we efficiently integrate the expertise of the different business fields into the information technology developments assists us in the implementation of projects requiring expert knowledge of the special industrial sector.



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