Synergon System Integrator
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2011.04.07. friday 17:20
Budapest, 7th April, 2011: The sales revenue of the Synergon Group reached 15,389 million HUF in 2010.
2010.11.16. tuesday 17:05
Budapest, 16th November, 2010: Synergon Group reached sales revenue of 11,324 million HUF with 146 million HUF operating profit without depreciation – EBITDA value - in first nine months of 2010. Checz subsidiary, Infinity a.s. performed beyond average.
2010.10.28. friday 16:45
Budapest, 28th October, 2010: Synergon Information Systems Plc. subsidiary, Synergon System Integrator Ltd. won the tender of BKV Private Ltd. for rolling out an information and communications technology investment designed to enhance public transportation.
2010.09.22. wednesday 12:30
Budapest, 22nd September 2010: Synergon System Integrator Ltd. introduced a community transport solution of ticket and travel card vending machines related to the public bus service in Sopron. Last week, the company presented its fleet management and passenger information system in Győr, the city where it is to be rolled out.
2010.08.17. tuesday 16:00
Budapest, 17th August 2010: Synergon System Integrator Ltd. was announced preferred tenderer for Part 2 of the procurement contract „The Transformation of the Public Bus Transport of Győr City with County Rights” which had been announced by the local government of Győr City with County Rights and Kisalföld Volán Plc.
2010.08.05. friday 16:50
Budapest, 5th August, 2010: Synergon Group reached a sales revenue of 8,139 million HUF with 97 million HUF operating profit in H1 2010.
2010.06.21. monday 12:20
Budapest, 21st June 2010 – From September, Róbert Litauszki (43) will replace the current CEO Márk Lazarovits, who will continue his actively participation in the work of Synergon as member of the Board of Directors after having transferred the executive tasks.
2010.05.14. thursday 16:50
Budapest, 14th May, 2010: The Synergon Group reached a sales revenue of 3,831 million HUF in Q1 2010 and the operating result was 78 million HUF. The contribution loss was largely compensated for by the savings on operating costs.
2010.02.26. thursday 12:00
Last week IBM has held its annual Business Partner Kick-off conference.
2010.02.23. tuesday 00:15
Budapest, 23rd of February, 2010: Synergon Group achieved HUF 17 717 million sales revenue in 2009, while its operating profit amounted HUF 523 million. Despite the unfavourable economical climate the Company improved its contribution margin and increased profit. 35% contribution margin and 5% EBITDA ratio represented 3% annual increase.
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