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Synergon Systemintegrator Ltd. has made a firm commitment to safeguard the personal data of users. Synergon Systemintegrator is determined to protect your privacy by observing the effective laws on data protection. In knowledge of this Data Protection Statement, you may decide which of your data to give to Synergon Systemintegrator through the internet for the purpose of the management of such data by Synergon Systemintegrator in accordance with the provisions of this Data Protection Statement. By providing your data, you authorize Synergon Systemintegrator to use your personal data in accordance with this Data Protection Statement. We would remind you that data is in every case provided to us on a voluntary basis. Synergon Systemintegrator will use personal data exclusively for the purpose specified in this Data Protection Statement. The Data Protection Statement is presented by Synergon Systemintegrator in a clearly visible place, and can be found on the website of Synergon Systemintegrator (, as well as at the bottom of the individual web pages.

Personal details

The web pages of Synergon Systemintegrator may be viewed without revealing your identity or providing any personal data. There are, however, certain situations when Synergon Systemintegrator and its partners will require your data. You can be certain that the use of your personal data will take place exclusively in the interest of improving the relationship between yourself and Synergon Systemintegrator. Before you provide such data, we would like to remind you that you have the right to indicate to us if you would prefer Synergon Systemintegrator not to use the data to contact you again in the future, and we assure you that in this event Synergon Systemintegrator will respect your wishes.

Data management objective

The primary objective of the data management operations performed by Synergon System Integrator is the efficient, safe and personalised provision of the content of a website.  Further objectives of the data management operations performed by Synergon System Integrator are identifying the Users, settling the disputes emerging in relation to the use of the website, providing information for the User, troubleshooting operating problems, enforcing the Regulation and exercising the rights the Operator is entitled to accordingly.

Furthermore, Synergon System Integrator is entitled to send information for each User in relation to the operation of the website (e.g. technical messages, information in relation to the modification of the Service, etc.) using the personal data provided by the Users. Synergon System Integrator is entitled to use the data provided by the Users exclusively for direct marketing on the basis of their expressed prior consent and in such events the duration of the aforesaid data management shall be limited subject to the withdrawal of the consent provided for the same.

Use and disclosure of personal data

The following paragraphs reveal in detail how Synergon Systemintegrator treats users’ personal data, and who has access to such data. Only certain paragraphs will apply to you, depending on which pages you visit.

Use for marketing purposes

The information given through these pages may also be used by Synergon Systemintegrator and certain external parties for marketing purposes. However, before this happens, we will request your permission for the data to be used for such purposes.

Other notes regarding the web pages of Synergon Systemintegrator

In certain instances, particular web pages of Synergon Systemintegrator may containother remarks related to the use and handling of information.

Security and quality of data

It is an express objective of Synergon Systemintegrator to protect the quality and integrity of data suitable for personal identification.

Giving information

From time to time we may supplement the data given by you through the web pages of Synergon Systemintegrator with data obtained from other sources; this may include, for example, other available data confirming your address or relating to your business activity. In this way we endeavour to preserve the accuracy of the collected data and strive to raise the standard of our services.

Children’s data protection

Synergon Systemintegrator has made a commitment to safeguard the data of children. Synergon Systemintegrator does not knowingly collect the data of children declaring themselves to be aged 17 or younger, and the content of its web pages is not compiled for persons younger than 17 years of age.


In certain cases, Synergon Systemintegrator will gather, use, analyze and process data through its suppliers for its own purposes. It is the practice of Synergon Systemintegrator in these cases to expect its suppliers to manage this data in accordance with the essential principles on data protection espoused by Synergon Systemintegrator.

Cookies and external media firms

Synergon Systemintegrator also periodically collects anonymous information on the visitors to its web pages, which ultimately allows it to provide a better service to its clients.


A “cookie” is a small data file which the website sends and stores on the user’s computer hard drive. By accepting cookies used on the website, you do not provide your personal data, but we are able to identify your computer based on the cookies. Cookies are generally “session” cookies or “permanent” cookies. “Session” cookies remain on your computer only while you are accessing the website, or until the browser window has been closed. Based on an assessment of data obtained in this way, we can deduce our users’ website usage habits. On this same basis, we should with time be able to offer increasingly improved individual content and a better overall experience to our users, while our website itself becomes more efficient to use. “Permanent” cookies remain on the user’s computer. Their aim is to facilitate individual content and registration services. “Permanent” cookies can be removed by the user from his or her computer. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but you may reject or only selectively accept them with an adjustment of your browser’s security settings. If you disable the use of cookies, however, you may find that certain functions of the website become inaccessible to you, while some web pages may not be displayed properly on the screen.

External media firms

Synergon Systemintegrator may request that the media representatives of external companies place advertisements for the products and services of Synergon Systemintegrator on the websites of other companies. On websites that feature advertisements of Synergon Systemintegrator, the possibility cannot be ruled out that the media firm will transfer a cookie or web marker onto your computer. On this basis, the online media firm will be able to recognize your computer when you return to the website, or will be able to measure the efficiency of the advertising. These data are anonymous, and are not linked either to the personal data found on the user’s computer, or to Synergon Systemintegrator’s databases. Data will be used exclusively by the media firm with a view to assessing the efficacy of advertising and the level of interest in the given web content. Synergon Systemintegrator has no access to the data gathered by online media firms.

Personalized URL links

On occasion, Synergon Systemintegrator may take its visitors to personalized web pages. When you visit such websites, you may find links to products and services which we believe, based on our prior relationship and the data you yourself have supplied, may be of interest to you. When visiting these pages, Synergon Systemintegrator may collect data on your visit, and use this data for compiling information that may interest you. We may invite you to visit these pages in several ways: in electronic mails containing personalized URL links, in a note appearing on the website’s registration page, or following registration on a given web page. By clicking on a link that takes you to a personalized web page, you also consent to Synergon Systemintegrator’s collecting data on such visits. If you would prefer Synergon Systemintegrator not to use your data in this manner, then simply refrain from following personalized URL links of this kind.

Disclosure of data ordered by law

In certain cases, for example due to a court or other government order, the assumption of a suretyship or a decree, personal data is permitted to be disclosed.

Exclusion of Synergon System Integrator’s liability

Synergon System Integrator excludes all and any liability in relation to the information stored, made available, published or sent by the Users within the framework of the Service on the website operated by Synergon System Integrator.

In the event Synergon System Integrator obtains knowledge of the fact that a User provides the data of any other person violating the rights of a third person or any other legislative provision in the course of using the Service, or uses the personal or any other type of data publicly accessible within the website or acquired illegally  in a manner violating the rights of a third person or any other legislative provision for any purpose (for example direct marketing) of breaches the provisions stipulated in this present data protection statement, or causes any harm in the course of using the website, Synergon System Integrator will take the required legal measures for the reimbursement of the damage caused and the impeachment of the offender.  In the above mentioned events Synergon provides all possible assistance to the acting authorities for the purpose of the identification and impeachment of the offender.

If in the course of using the website the Users provide or use the data of third parties (for example in the course of using the site recommendation service), exclusively the given User shall be liable to the fulfilment of the requirements of the legislative provision in relation to data management, including among other things, the acquisition of the previous approval of the well-informed third party concerned as recipient.

Links that do not lead to Synergon Systemintegrator web pages

In order to keep you extensively informed, the web pages of Synergon Systemintegrator may contain links to other websites. Synergon Systemintegrator assumes no responsibility, however, for the data protection practices or content of such sites.We recommend that before giving your personal data you always read the given company’s data protection regulations. It is also possible that certain firms decide to share the personal data in their possession with Synergon Systemintegrator. With respect to such data forwarding, the data protection regulations of the other company shall apply.

Notices in respect of changes

The date of the last modification of this data security statement was 13 February 2008. Should Synergon Systemintegrator modify the present Data Protection Statement, the content and date of the changes will be published, and thus you can always remain informed of which data we are collecting, how we are using it, and what opportunities you are assured of in respect of the management of such data.

Questions regarding data security and contact details

Any questions regarding this data security statement may be sent by email to is also the address for questions regarding the data management practices of Synergon Systemintegrator. Synergon Systemintegrator will reply to your questions within the shortest possible time.


You can acquire more information about our solutions by contacting us.